Monday, March 17, 2008

5 Years Ago.....

5 years ago today Andy proposed. And six years to the day that we "started dating". I can't believe that it has been that long!! I really can't believe that we've almost been married 5 years! We're so old!!! It's been a great 6 years! Andy is an amazing person and I love him!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

About me....

1. I like ice from Sonic
2. I love teaching 1st grade
3. I love playing card games

4. I have pet snails in my classroom and I think they are SO cool!
5. I really wish I was more organized

6. I love going to Utah
7. The Charmin toilet paper commercials really bug me (the one with the bears)
8. I love watching The Office
9. I love to take pictures
10. I can watch a movie (that I really like of course) over and over again
11. I love blue/brown, green/brown and pink/brown together
12. I can't roll my tounge
13. I can only blink with my right eye (no idea why)
14. I cry at any sappy movie or TV show
15. I sing in the car (really loudly sometimes...Andy loves it...haha)

16. I love riding ATV's, Snowmobiles, Wave runners
17. My dog makes me laugh
18. I can't stand mayonaise or sour cream
19. I love musicals

20. I have really weird dreams
21. I love playing the piano
22. I loved Hanson

23. I prefer to stay home
24. I love watching infomercials for CD's and the Magic Bullet
25. When I was little I had my own radio show (that I recorded on a tape in my bedroom)
26. I have played the piano for almost 20 years

27. I regret being mean to a girl that was in my ward growing up
28. I pretend I can dance when no one is watching
29. My first car was a 1983 Subaru with a cardboard roof

30. I love the swing set my dad built in the back yard
31. The wrist I broke when I was 5 still hurts when it rains
32. I love when it rains
33. Christmas is my favorite holiday
34. I love that new baby smell

35. I like spicy food
36. I really, really, really want to travel out of the country
37. I want to go to Halifax, NS

38. I have really ticklish feet
39. I loved my wedding bouquet
40. I love hanging out with my brothers
41. I love my niece and nephews
42. I love to quote movies/tv shows
43. I like to read the same books over and over

44. I really love a tall, ice cold glass of water
45. I love to swim

46. Autumn is my favorite season
47. I put baked lays potato chips on my tuna fish sandwiches
48. I love sitting in my Grandma's recliner.

49. All I need is some good music to up my mood
50. When I was little I would eat mustard sandwiches