Monday, June 13, 2011

End of school gifts....

I have been the lucky recipient of a variety of gifts over my years of teaching. Some have been interesting (a.k.a 3 foot tall wooden penguin from the dumpster), some have been thoughtful (can of Dr. Pepper that he took from his fridge at home because he knew I liked it) and some have been downright "special" (orange with toothpicks stuck in it). However interesting or thoughtful or "special" the gifts are they always mean a lot to me because they come from my students and they are important to them.

This years end of the year gifts were no exception.
1. Mixing bowls
2. Glass hot air balloon wind chime3. Muffin wrapped in a napkin tied with a hair rubber band
4. Tin foil wrapped mystery package that I thought was a loaf of bread. I left it sitting on the table for the entire day. When I opened it that afternoon I discovered that it was not a loaf of bread, but a sub sandwich...with mayonnaise.