Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sound of the week: sh

This sound can always be a little tricky because some kids like to share their knowledge of inappropriate words that can begin with the sh sound. However, it's still a sound they need to know so we truck ahead and I just keep my fingers crossed that it's kept first grade appropriate. Well my students delivered. I was looking over their papers and in the midst of lots of ships, sharks and shots I stumbled across one that I couldn't decipher. One thing I LOVE about first graders is phonetic spelling. I love seeing how they sound out words and see the progress as they learn. However I had no idea was a 'Shimimntmers' was. When he told me what the word was I couldn't even pretend to hold back my laughter.

sh word winner is: Shiver me timbers...hence the pirate.
Runner up just might be the word tishoo
I love 1st graders!