Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008


We have spent the past 36 hours packing, cleaning and moving (with a little bit of sleep mixed in for sanity reasons). We were bringing a load of stuff from our apartment and had one of those big exercise balls in the back of the truck. Now it was wedged in between all sorts of boxes and other priceless trinkets that for some reason we can't live without and so we figured it would be fine making the trip. We also took the side streets instead of the freeway for added precautions. We had made it all the way from our apartment to Higley Road (about 10 miles) with no problems. We kept an eye on the back and everything seemed fine. As we crossed over the freeway the ball decided to break free and flew out of the back of the truck where it proceeded to get hit by a car, bounce across the street, get hit by another car, bounce back across the street, get hit one last time and then roll down the street after us. We pulled over, Andy got out and ran up the street a little ways to catch the ball as it rolled towards us. Andy put it in the backseat so it wouldn't try to make another break for it. We got it home still in tact without so much as even a road rash.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini freak out in progress

Please stand by.................

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Renovation Project #1

We got this bookcase from my parents and after having it in our office for 5 years we decided to give it a little makeover. Andy was glad to finally have a bookcase that wasn't "a weird pink color". I tried to explain that it wasn't pink...it was maroon...but that didn't work too well.
We picked black paint....but after putting on the first coat we have come to realize that the paint mixer guy at Wal-mart was either blind...or bored because it's not really black. Oh well....it's starting to look good and its no longer maroon, which is what matters to Andy.

***side note: I don't think he actually ever even noticed the color until I had him move it out of the room. He has never commented on it before and we've had it since we got married.***

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

16 Days Till Moving Day

16 days till the move and this is how I feel.

Monday, September 01, 2008

2000 shades of brown

We are trying to pick paint colors for our house and I had no idea how confusing this would be. I finally decided on colors for all 3 bathrooms and now I just need the kitchen and bedrooms. Mostly just the kitchen and master bedroom. I had a vision in my head of colors for the master...but you can't just say brown. There is chocolate, wild horse, blanket brown, chocolate sparkle (???), oakwood brown, winter cocoa, warm embrace, Spanish raisin...I could go on FOREVER. When people come to our house and say..."Oh nice color walls..." am I really going to say "Oh yes....I couldn't decide between Desert Echo and Tree Bark...so I finally went with Thick Chocolate. It's more brown than the other browns" ??????

I want to get a job where I get paid to come up with these ridiculous names for brown. I asked Andy which one he liked and he said, "Who cares?? They all look the same!!" I feel the same way! This is why I seriously admire my interior designer sister-in-law. She can actually see the difference! I can't get past the names they pick for paint colors...let alone getting around to actually picking one. I am a decorating moron. Help!!!