Thursday, May 26, 2011


After 2 months I figured it was time to play a little catch up. Life is the same. Work, work and more work. Luckily the continuity of work is sometimes broken up by little snippets of fun.

Snippet #1: Liz graduated with her Master's degree and Mom, Parker, Karinda and Jaydin came down from Flagstaff so that we could meet Alex at the airport when he came back from a trip back east.

Snippet #2: We went to Flagstaff to visit our family and do a little celebration for Jaydin's 1st birthday which was the week before. While we were there Jaydin started walking more. He had already taken a few steps before, but it was so fun to see him walking around all by himself.

Snippet #3: We just spent the 1st part of Memorial Day weekend with our good friends at the Legacy Resort in Phoenix. We had a blast eating, swimming, playing games, eating, reading, eating, trying on random stuff at the mall and eating. It was a great weekend!