Monday, February 25, 2008


There are certain days when I absolutely LOVE teaching First Grade! My kids crack me up with the things they say. We have been talking about money the last few weeks and we talked about how people use different types of money in different parts of the world. So today we were standing in line and I overheard these 2 kids talking about money. Now mind you that this was an entirely serious conversation.

Kid 1: What if we didn’t have real money and we had to use candy instead of money?

Kid 2 (dead serious): We can’t do that. If we did that than instead of living in America we’d have to live in……..CandyLand.

Kid 1 (seriously thinking this over): Oh.... yeah....

I love my students (99% of the time!!). Being a teacher is a GREAT job!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Husband Post

I was tagged by here it goes!!

What is his name?: John Andrew Ebert

How long have you been together?: We've been together almost 6 years. Been married for 4.

How long did you date?: A year

How old is he?: Old!!!!

Who eats more?: He does

Who said I love you first?: He did! Quite a bit earlier actually! He still doesn't let me forget that.

Who's taller?: He is. I mean seriously....I have students in my class almost as tall as me. it's not that hard.

Who pays bills?: I do. I am kind of anal about it!

Who sleeps on the right side?: He does! Guess I am the only one that doesn't...since apparently everyother girl sleeps on the right.

Who mows the lawn?: No one...we don't have a lawn. I'm sure he will though.

Who cooks dinner?: I do...poor guy. Seriously. I have lots of should all congratulate him on surviving!!

Who drives?: We both do. Mostly it's him, but sometimes I will get in a mood where I need to drive.

Who kissed who first?: He kissed me!!

Who proposed?: He did! I didn't make it easy on him though!! Poor guy!

Who has more siblings?: He does...he has 4...I have 2

I hereby tag the following: Ashley, Kristyn, Desiree and AshLee

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Strike is Over!!!!!

I know I am a total nerd, but I am so happy that the WGA strike is over!! Finally new epsiodes of The Office will come back on. Yes...I am a big fan!! My Thursday nights have not been the same, especially because Andy is at class all night. So for any of you out there that don't know already...the strike is over!
Ok...I'm done now. Now you can all mock me for my excitement over this!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Wedding Pictures

I was going through some boxes and I found a couple CD's of our wedding pictures. I decided to put some up here. I've never posted pictures of our wedding before on Myspace or facebook or anything, so I thought it was time to share them! I loved my wedding day! I can't believe that it will be 5 years in June. We are like the old married people in our ward. It's actually kind of sad!! Oh well!!