Thursday, February 21, 2008

Husband Post

I was tagged by here it goes!!

What is his name?: John Andrew Ebert

How long have you been together?: We've been together almost 6 years. Been married for 4.

How long did you date?: A year

How old is he?: Old!!!!

Who eats more?: He does

Who said I love you first?: He did! Quite a bit earlier actually! He still doesn't let me forget that.

Who's taller?: He is. I mean seriously....I have students in my class almost as tall as me. it's not that hard.

Who pays bills?: I do. I am kind of anal about it!

Who sleeps on the right side?: He does! Guess I am the only one that doesn't...since apparently everyother girl sleeps on the right.

Who mows the lawn?: No one...we don't have a lawn. I'm sure he will though.

Who cooks dinner?: I do...poor guy. Seriously. I have lots of should all congratulate him on surviving!!

Who drives?: We both do. Mostly it's him, but sometimes I will get in a mood where I need to drive.

Who kissed who first?: He kissed me!!

Who proposed?: He did! I didn't make it easy on him though!! Poor guy!

Who has more siblings?: He does...he has 4...I have 2

I hereby tag the following: Ashley, Kristyn, Desiree and AshLee

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