Monday, June 23, 2008

Who does that?

This is a rambling/venting post so...beware.

I would like to know what makes people so insecure that they need to take something that is personal and sensitive to another person and throw it in their face just to make themselves feel better. I mean seriously...taking people's problems or weaknesses or even just personal issues and using them just because you don't have anything better to say is just really low. What ever happened to "Hey...nice to talk to you" or "How's it going?". Even if you think you are being funny and think that it should be taken as a joke...chances are the other person probably won't take it that way. There is a difference between being sarcastic and being downright hurtful. Maybe if it was total strangers it would be one could just chalk it up to they don't know any better, but when it's your own family....thats what makes it so sad.'s said, Im done. :)

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The Hutchison's said...

We all need to vent sometimes :) Hope you guys are doing good! This is Brittany by the way. We have a blog now too! Check it out at Are you guys still in El Dorado, and are you teaching Sara? Update me baby!