Monday, September 01, 2008

2000 shades of brown

We are trying to pick paint colors for our house and I had no idea how confusing this would be. I finally decided on colors for all 3 bathrooms and now I just need the kitchen and bedrooms. Mostly just the kitchen and master bedroom. I had a vision in my head of colors for the master...but you can't just say brown. There is chocolate, wild horse, blanket brown, chocolate sparkle (???), oakwood brown, winter cocoa, warm embrace, Spanish raisin...I could go on FOREVER. When people come to our house and say..."Oh nice color walls..." am I really going to say "Oh yes....I couldn't decide between Desert Echo and Tree I finally went with Thick Chocolate. It's more brown than the other browns" ??????

I want to get a job where I get paid to come up with these ridiculous names for brown. I asked Andy which one he liked and he said, "Who cares?? They all look the same!!" I feel the same way! This is why I seriously admire my interior designer sister-in-law. She can actually see the difference! I can't get past the names they pick for paint colors...let alone getting around to actually picking one. I am a decorating moron. Help!!!


Our Family said...

I didn't know you were moving. Congrats!! That is so exciting. Where is the house? I hope you guys are doing well. :)

LYZ EBERT said...

You are going to be just fine...your house will look very nice, once you put your own touches to it.