Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

On Saturday I left for LA with my friends Kim and Miranda. We braved the semi-ghetto we stayed in (the hotel itself was actually pretty nice) and rode the subway around Hollywood. After discovering which stop we should avoid based on the number of R-rated stores and creepy bums that were littered about we actually became quite the pros at using it. We also befriended an LA Sheriff's deputy on the train. I think he found it to be his duty to protect the three ultra white girls clutching their purses on the train in Hollywood at 10:00 at night. Thanks James.
Sunday morning we went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. It was awesome. Tons of little tents and booths set up with people selling pretty much anything you can imagine. We ate fresh Nutella crepes for breakfast. Absolutely delicious by the way. We went back to our hotel for the car and did some sightseeing. We went to the Office set and Beverly Hills. We found the only Rite Aid that requires their employees to wear a shirt and tie and where the cost to park is $10. We also stalked a Hollywood Tours bus until the caught on to us and made us pass them.

Monday we did the WB studio tour and went to the Ellen show. Ellen is hilarious. We drove around a little bit and then also got to meet Drunk Jerry at Denny's.
Tuesday we went to Universal Studios. We took the studio tour, rode the rides, ate $6 hot dogs and walked around the Universal City walk.
Kim flew out to Georgia Wednesday morning, so Miranda and I went to breakfast and then drove home. It was a great trip. I had so much fun with my friends. We had some adventures and a lot of laughs!!


paul and lacy ebert said...

sounds like you had lots of fun!! I am glad!

Ashley said...

How fun!!! Did you see Jaws and king kong at universal studios?

The Graham Crackers said...

Thanks Sara! I'm glad you liked it! wow! looks like you guys had so much fun! A little girls trip, that's awesome! Now I'm the jealous one! I'm glad you had a blast! :)