Friday, June 12, 2009

Just a recap...

What we've been up to....
Concert with my friend Miranda

Made Nutella crepes (been craving them since Spring Break)

Took a 3 week summer job barcoding textbooks for the district. Incredibly boring job, but met some fun people.

Went to Thatcher/Duncan

Fulfilled my lifelong dream of getting drive a golf cart (I am not kidding. It really has been a dream...weird I know.)

Where Andy and I used to work

I think Thatcher is a beautiful place

Our nephew. I had fun taking pictures of him while the boys golfed.


Ashley said...

looks like you have been having fun. And those crepes look delish! Oh...the R&R pizza where you two would make out in the freezer. Memories.....

April said...

Your little nephew is sooo cute!
It's so good to hear about you after so long!