Saturday, August 29, 2009

Decorating 911

Ok, so being that I have the decorating skills of a paper cup...I have several areas in my house that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. I would love some ideas!! Please! Help!!

Here are some things that I like/have that I would like to maybe use....somewhere.

Framed 5x7 pictures of mine/Andy's parents and grandparents. 7 in all.

Vinyl Lettering

Memo board


Derek and Emily said...

ok, i lack in the decorating area, but i've found that cool mirrors can take up space on empty walls, especially if they are interesting. Are you going to paint the walls different colors?

Andy and Sara said...

Well the walls in the living room are really really high. It would be too hard to paint them. Although Andy suggested a mix of Suns/Cardinals colors. He is super helpful. :-)

Lindsey said...

Wish I could help...much like you have the decorating skills of a paper cup (loved the reference) I have the decorating skills of a plastic spoon (aka NONE). It looks like you have some cute stuff to start off with, though!

I second the mirror idea. We got a bunch of little 4x4" mirrors and made a mirror mosaic (sp?) with a 1/2" spacing in between all of them, its cute and it takes up alot of space.

lyz's world said...

we could do something together...could we exchange my services for baby sitting? haha let me know

Luann said...

I helped a friend paint a room just as high as yours. They had a really high ladder and an edger attachment they put on the end of a pole to get paint the edge by the ceiling. It's doable, but not very easy. I also am lacking when it comes to ideas for decoration. You've seen the house I grew up in...throw whatever random pictures you own on the wall and call it good.

Watsons said...

My aunt is starting up her own interior decorating company and does in home consult to give ideas...kind of like redesign your room with things you already have. You can search for her on facebook "Wendi Weitzell Maroney"
She has amazing talent for this sort of thing!