Friday, May 25, 2012

So much to see....

Today was my last day of work...well for a week.  Then summer school starts and we're back to the grind.  It seems I've been so busy these past few months and especially these past couple of weeks, that now that I have time to just's kind of weird.  But here I sit...a little bored...a little lonely...and what better to do with my new found free time than plan road trips and daydream.  I have the road trip itch something fierce right now.  There is so much to see!

A couple years ago we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco.  It was a life changing trip.  I think I want to continue it.  Only this time we'll start in San Francisco and continue north.  Oregon is the only west coast state that we still need to visit.

Andy and I actually considered doing this one this weekend.  Just for something to do.  Unfortunately, prior commitments made it impossible.  Maybe soon.

This is ultimate road trip #1.  We figured from Virginia and up the east coast would be a separate trip.  Then there is most of the middle states that we'll have to hit too, but for now we'll just plan on this one.


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