Monday, August 13, 2012

Saras list cont...

11. I love the passion you have for things you like there is no halfway with you, you go all in.
12. I admire your love and passion you have for your students. They may drive you up the wall at times but I truly believe you love each kid you work with.
13. I love your passion for music and how you take great interest in the songs that move you. They don't have to be popular or even well known they just have to touch you.
14. I admire your ability to take on difficult challenges, they may be hard but it seems like you always find a way through them.
15. You always have a compassion for the underdog its the ones that no one gives a chance that you root for because everyone at one time in their life has the odds stacked against them.
16. Your knowledge of gymnastics is amazing and I love hearing you scream Yeah!!! when a gymnast hits their landing and you are so excited like you did for McCayla Maroney when she hit her vault.
17. You do not hide who you are. You are not fake and will not placate people which makes you real. I will always know where I stand with you because you do not put a show on how you want people to perceive you. You are real.
18. I love to travel across the country with you are passion for seeing beauty around the country and our travel conversations make it one of my favorite things to do. Its at these trips we do some of our best communication
19. I love the way you hold on to traditions. Family traditions from your past and ones we make together have always been important to you.
20. I love watching shows and movies with you and enjoying that common ground.

Happy Birthday!

Love Andy

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