Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random for the sake of being random

Andy is at work.  I've read.  Ate a hot dog.  Played with Annie.  Tried to watch HGTV.  Stared out the window.  Checked my e-mail 4 times and looked up youtube videos on Les Mis.  I. am. bored.  So, for my own entertainment here are the random thoughts going through my head right now.

1.  I want Jennifer Lawrence to be my best friend
2.  Since I apparently don't make my resolutions til 3 weeks after the new year, my resolution is to read 20 books by December 31st.
3.  I have not had Dr. Pepper/Coke/Pepsi in over a year.  Self high five.
4.  I want to be in the family from Parenthood
5.  I wish that my internet would just work all the time and not be stupid
6.  Is blogging even a thing anymore?
7. The soundtrack from Les Mis has been stuck in my head since Christmas
8. I miss Andy
9. I wish I was more secure in who I am and could just be happy with that instead of feeling like it would be better to be someone else.
10. I want to go to Seattle. Or really anywhere where I can look out the window and see water.

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Bailee said...

I love you. You are fantastic. the end:)