Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Tree

Andy and I decided that even though we weren't going to be in town for Christmas we still needed to get in the Christmas spirit by getting a tree and decorating!! We didn't decorate at ALL last year and it really bummed me out. So we went and got a little tree. Yes, it's lopsided and might actually be dead now, but we like it!! We have a tradition of getting an ornament every year we are married that sort of symbolizes something that happened that year....or one that we just like! We only have 5 of the "Special" ornaments and we tried to spiff up the rest of the tree with regular ornaments. It looks a little Charlie Brown tree like, but oh well! We had fun!!

We also put up our stockings! My awesome friend Ashley helped me make these! I love them!!!

I also FINALLY got to get out one of my favorite Christmas decorations! My village! I love it!! Hopefully it will be expanding as we get more room....it's too small!!

Anyways....I was just feeling in the Christmas mood and I am sure that everyone will be THRILLED to look at my Christmas decorations!! Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit!!


brooke said...

Yeah! Glad you found me :)

I am glad you guys are doing good. way to get in the Christmas spirit. I LOVE decorating for Christmas. I wish I could keep some of my stuff all year round!

Love the stockings!!

brooke said...

sara you are funny! I walked Lindsey through changing her blog. Here are the sites I like. If you need help figuring it out let me know!



Lindsey said...

So I see Brooke got to you first,jk. She really did have to walk me through it step by step (although the average person could probably do it alone). Anyways, have fun with it, and if you need help let me know (or probably Brooke, because I will probably need her help when Christmas is over and I need to change it).

melissa said...

So Darling Sara! Thanks for you note! Now we can be blogger friends. Happy Holidays!

Lindsey said...

I was sad we weren't able to get together, but I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and hope you have a good fertile year ; )

The Graham Crackers said...

those are some beautiful decorations! A lot more festive than ours that's for sure! How was your Christmas?

Rulon & Toni said...

Thanks for sending us your site. It was fun to peruse.