Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Past and Present

Favorite movies:
Childhood: The Secret Garden, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables
Elementary/Middle school: Anne of Green Gables,
High School: While you were sleeping and....I honestly don't remember. I blocked out most of high school
Now: Harry Potter Series, The Bourne Series, While you were Sleeping

Favorite TV Shows:
Childhood: Sesame Street
Elementary: Full House and Boy Meets World
Middle School/High School: Dawson's Creek I guess
Now: The Office, Without a Trace, Friends, King of Queens, Gilmore Girls

Favorite Books:
Childhood: But No Elephants
Elementary: Babysitter's Club
Middle School/High School: The Work and the Glory
Now: Hearts of the Children, Harry Potter, The Rainmaker

Best Friends:
Childhood: Nikki
Elementary: Desiree and Courtney
Middle School: Andrea
High School: Andrea, Kim, Ali, Stacey, Luke, John
Now: Andy, Emelle, Miranda, Andrea, Ashley

Boyfriends/crushes (Mostly crushes):

Childhood:Joby Platt the cute boy in first grade!! Also, there was Larry...."my boyfriend" in Kindergarten...until we threw sand at each other. How romantic.
Elementary/Middle School: Charles something or other was my BIG crush in Elementary school. In JR High it was Aaron and Allen (crushes) and Zack (boyfriend for like a week...whoohoo!!)
High School: Steven (BLAH as a person and a boyfriend), Allen (crush), John (still don't get what happened with that)
Now: Andy!! He's the only crush/boyfriend that matters....awww...how sickly sweet is that.....


Childhood: Barbies...I had the coolest Dr. Barbie...oh man...I loved it, House,
Elementary: Barbies, Trolls...yes I am admitting it, House, Quints (weird)
Middle School: Stage Crew, Video Productions (go Knight Vision), hanging out at the mall (trying on prom dresses), doing makeovers and taking glamour shots
High School: Speech and Debate, Hanging out, going to movies...man I led a lame life
Now: Scrapbooking, Being with Andy, Watching movies, reading, photography, hanging out with family and friends

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