Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was tagged by Trisha to list 6 of my "quirks". Aren't those really just endearing qualities? :)

1. I can't handle repetitive, clicking/tapping a clock...or something dripping while I am trying to sleep...however 99% of the time I fall asleep with the TV or music on and that doesn't bother me.

2. I am VERY particular in the way I like to fall asleep. I have to have a blanket or something covering me...but I tend to stick one foot out from beneath the covers because then I don't feel so claustrophobic.

3. I can watch the same show/movie or listen to the same song multiple times in a row. I think it drives Andy insane.

4. I have to have the TV or radio volume on an even number. If it's not I have to change it ( Wow...even as I type that I realize how BIZARRE that is.)

5. I get a little freaked out when people aren't as careful as I think they should be with things. For example...I have a slider phone and one day my brother was holding and it and kept sliding it open and closed....over and over again. I was getting all worried because I thought he would wear the "slider" out. Or when someone keeps powering on and off the camera for no reason, it makes me get all nervous (I am such a nerd).

6. My thought process. Andy teases me about this all the time. We'll be talking about something and all of a sudden I bring up something TOTALLY random and out of the blue (at least to him). To me it makes sense because the thing we were talking about made me think of something else which made me think of something else...and then the cycle continues until I arrive at the new topic that is completely different (Wow....I think my HS English teacher would die at the sight of that run-on sentence). It makes sense to my head. It just makes Andy laugh.

The six people I tag are: Ashley, Liz, Jo, Amber, Brittany and Lindsay (plus anyone else that wants to do it)

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LYZ EBERT said...

hahahahaha, ooh my gosh, you made me laugh...and just to make did tag me, right? haha I checked your list of friends, and I think I am the only liz....