Tuesday, October 28, 2008

19 Days....

Now yes I realize that just 19 short days ago I was on vacation, but I have come to the conclusion that every 19 days we should get 6 days off, making it a 25 day cycle...just for our own sanity (high-five for me and my astounding logic).

In the past 19 days I have:
- been screamed at and belittled by parents
- learned more about frogs than I ever cared to
-discovered that I am invisible even when I am sitting in my classroom and say hello as someone walks by
- enjoyed watching a 2 liter of cream soda roll down the driveway and out into the street and then proceed to forget ten minutes later and open it, just to christen my floor with sticky goodness
- empathized with Andy for having to drive to Home Depot 8 times in the span of 3 hours
- spent more money on copper pipes and faucet fixings than any person, except for a plumber, should ever have to
- took a trip back to the 1800's when one had to boil water on the stove to get hot water to wash their dishes in
- enjoyed seeing the level of the freakishly green water in the pond in our backyard decrease with each passing day
- witnessed the lengths at which one tiny person with a tendency to over-react will do to protect her thermostat
-received third degree burns on my fingers from 4 jammed copy machines
- witnessed the simultaneous nuclear meltdown of 8 first grade girls who ALL want to be Hannah Montana for Halloween
- scared myself into believing that I had contracted West Nile virus due to the 23 mosquito bites that have taken up residency on my arms and legs
- enjoyed the momentary panic that sets in when Visa calls and reports fraudulent activity all the way from Texas on your debit card

On the other hand in the past 19 days I have also:
- found some great new music
- spent more quality time with Andy then we have been able to do in a long time
- got a washing machine and a dryer
- been grateful that we have cars and gas money to make 8 trips to Home Depot
- discovered that I, in fact do not have West Nile virus...just a slight case of hypochondria-itis
- learned how to be extremely grateful for a sink that now has running hot water
- been able to reaffirm the fact that I have an AMAZING husband
- realized that my third degree copy machine burns were really just second degree copy machine burns
- had my little brother tell me he loves me
- laughed really hard
- been able to get my piano into my house and have been grateful to my mom for making me play...because now I get to play
- been blessed by self-less inlaws that will allow us to barge in at 9:00 at night to take a shower because our water doesn't work.
- been grateful that we have jobs to supply the funding for copper pipes and water fixtures
- been told that it's amazing that 23 first graders now know 25 facts about frogs and how to spell the word 'Amphibian'
- been thanked by a 6 year old for being "the nicest" to him
- received many high fives and toothless smiles
- found that there are amazing people in this world that will do things just because "that's what neighbors are for"
- felt the love of my Heavenly Father and the reassurance that he knows us and won't give up on us...even when we are close to giving up on ourselves.

I am very grateful for my life.


Ashley said...

you are so funny. I especially enjoyed your "hypocondraic-itis" just as creative as your students. Sounds like things are winding down with your house though. 8 trips to the H.D. in three hours...that must be a new record. I am so happy for you that your piano is in your house now. Dont hesitate to call if you need ANYTHING!! Hey lets get together sometime, its been a while.

Rulon and Toni said...

Thank you Sara for reminding us that we can always find things that have made our day bad or we can find things that make us thankful for the wonderful lives we have.
Mom Ebert

Rulon and Toni said...

I love your list. Thanks for the reminder that good can be seen in seeminly bad things.

Dad Ebert