Thursday, September 16, 2010

Confessions of a not so teenage fan girl...

When I was 13/14 I had a small infatuation with the teen pop sensation better known as Hanson. Oh, who am I kidding. I loved Hanson and I am not ashamed!
My walls were smothered plastered covered with posters similar to and including this one.
It was my dream to see Hanson perform live. And as dramatic as most teenage girls are...I knew I would just die if I didn't get the chance. Well that chance came as a result of wonderful parents that decided that our summer trip to
Denver, CO could include 2 tickets to the Hanson concert at the
Red Rocks Amphitheater (it was the closest to AZ their tour would go). My dad went with me and withstood 3+ hours of screaming, hyped up teenage girls. It was amazing. It will be something that I will never, ever forget.

Fast forward 12 years. Still have a great "like" for Hanson - minus the posters on the bedroom walls. I got a flier in my e-mail saying that Hanson was coming to Mesa. Finally! Hanson in my hometown. Of course I bought tickets.I dragged my friend Miranda along (although I may have converted her a bit...maybe). The concert was amazing. They really are very talented musicians with a strong fan base. They played a lot of new songs with a bunch of their older things mixed in. It was fantastic!! I felt like that goofy 14 year old again....and it felt great!


Michelle N Lurvey said...

im jealous, I wasn't into Hanson that much when they were popular when we were kids, but they are great musician none the less. Looks like you had a great time!

Stacey said...

I love this because I was only known for my obsession with Nsync. Boy bands make my life amazing

paul and lacy ebert said...

Glad you had fun! I must confess I was never into the whole boy band thing, except the "beatles". I really only liked old music! I was a very abnormal teen!

Lindsey said...

Hehe, good thing I didn't know about the concert...I totally would have gone and had my 2 week old with me : ) I had the posters above my bed, so Hanson was the last thing I saw before drifting off to sleep- good memories!