Monday, July 28, 2008

Another one....

Ok, so here is another fabulous story to add to my previous stories about why men think that just because we are female we can't do simple tell when the AC is broken or the brakes in the car need to be changed.

Last week I was driving up to Flagstaff and I stopped at the gas station by our house to put air in the tires. I pulled up to the machine and got the tire gage and started checking the air presssure and then proceeded to put air in the tires that were low. Meanwhile, I look up at this guy is walking across the parking lot towards me. He comes over to the car and asks..."What are you doing?"

I looked at him (mom said never talk to strangers :) ) and said, "I am putting air in my tires."

He looked really confused for some reason and then said...very seriously, "'re a girl."

WHAT IS THIS?!?! The 50's??? Seriously? And plus...what tipped him off on that one? I'm a girl. Glad he was able to tell. Genius....we live in a world of total genuises.

I just sort of smiled and said, "Yep..." and went back to my car. What do you say to that sort of thing? He wasn't an old man...maybe late 40's....early 50's. I got in my car and started laughing. What is it with these people? I guess I should feel special though. I am a girl and I can tell when my AC isn't working, when the brakes need fixed AND I can put air in my car tires. I can also dress and feed myself. Guess I should get an award. :) :) :)

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Ashley said...

and you are fully capable of pumping your own gas too. That is so funny. This is your test in see how patient you can be with ignorant men.