Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is it??? I have now had 2 separate and recent incidences where I have tried to take care of something for our house/car and the people whose services I am trying to acquire must think I am a total idiot. I don't know if it's because I'm a girl (I thought as a society we were past most of that) or what....but it's quite interesting.

Scenario #1:

I noticed that the brakes on the car were going out and so I took the car into the shop to have them fix the brakes. I walked in and the guy at the counter asked what he could do for me. I said, "Well...the brakes are going out and I need to get them replaced." He looked at me for a long moment and then said, "Well what makes you think that they are going out?" This whole time he is looking at me like I am just a bug he would like to step on. I said, " first clue was that when I push on the brakes...the car doesn't slow down."

He then proceeds to scratch his head and continue to look at me disgustedly. So I continued,
"Also...when I tap on them they make a loud grinding sound. That can't be good can it?"

His response:
"Hmmm...well it sounds to me like your brakes might be going out."

In my head I was thinking...
"No crap think so?"...but I was nice and said, "Yeah...that must be it."

He then proceeded to fix my car and I was on my way.

Scenario #2:

Living on the surface of the sun makes us very grateful for our air conditioning. However, I think that we do take it for granted. Tuesday night, I decided to cook (hold applause please) and thus had to use the oven. Now when we use the oven it does make our house a little warm...but no big deal. 2 hours later however, we noticed that it was still very warm and getting warmer. The air conditioning was on...but at this point it was just blowing hot air. Andy went and bought an air filter since ours was clogged...thinking that might fix it. It did not. Then at 11:30 PM we couldn't take it anymore so Andy went back to Wal-Mart to buy a fan. That helped a little, but when your house is full of hot air all the fan does is blow the hot air around. Andy called the office first thing in the morning and they said they would have someone out ASAP to look at it. The maintenance man came at 9:00 AM and knocked on the door. I answered it and he said, "
I heard your air was broken."

Sara: "Yes, it is."

MM (Maintenance Man): What makes you think that it is broken?

Sara:'s not working. It's been blowing hot air since last night...and it's pretty hot in here.

MM: (Steps inside) It is pretty warm....and you think your air conditioner is broken?

Sara: That's my best guess.

MM: know what. It is really hot in here. I think your air might not be working the right way.

Sara: (In my head)...By George...I think he's got it.

Honestly...did I not say that already? Oh well....that one made me laugh. It was like a really bad comedy act of Who's on First or something. Eventually (8 hours later...but who's counting)...he came back and our air is now fixed.


Ashley said...

that is so funny. i think that guys get a little shocked when girls are direct and to the point instead of just batting our eyes at them. that same stuff happens to me too.

Lyz & Craig said...

hahahahahaha girl!!! this is so true!!! I seriously don't like to take my car into the mechanic, because I know they are going to look at me like..."how do you know what's going on?" and also, because they do take advantage of beautiful little girls like us....ok...maybe not...but still they do take advantage of us. I loved this post! you are so funny!

Brad and Jamie Porter said...

Ha Ha I seriously just laughed out loud....its totally the girl thing I get it ALL the time

Brad and Jamie Porter said...
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Jesse & Amber said...

haha!!! too funny!!

p.s. we should definitely hang out. we're coming to arizona august 23rd-sept 1st, and we plan to go to the valley for a day or two...

M & M Smith said...

i swear some people are so lame... however good thing we are never the lame ones!!! ha ha ha ha!