Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Tall People...

Dear Tall People,

I am usually an easy-going, friendly, laid back kind of person. I don't mind being short. I'm scared of heights so being short actually works to my advantage. I don't care if your tall, short, fat, skinny, green or polka-dotted. Honestly, I never really pay it much mind. However, recent events have transpired that give cause for this letter on behalf of short people everywhere. Short people are still people. We still have hearts and feelings and it does hurt when you step on our toes and knee us in the ribs. Just because our heads are at a convenient height does not give you liberty to use them as an arm rest. When you lean your entire body weight on our heads or try to climb over us like a stump that is in your hurts. When you are perfectly capable of raising your hand at least 2 feet above our heads without even trying...that means that pushing us down isn't an acceptable way of improving your view. Using a short person as a step stool is not only rude, it is a little demeaning. Yes, I am short. So what? Do I use you as a ladder to reach the cans on the top shelf? Do I give you a swift kick to the kneecaps just because they are in reach? No, I don't. So please don't use me as your elevated platform or mini ladder or arm rest.

Thank you.


Lindsey said...

Haha, your writing CRACKS me up!!! I would love to know the events that resulted in this post!

The Pratts said...

im sorry about that one time! Thanks for this post, it really opened my eyes! :)