Thursday, April 09, 2009


On SNL Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler do a hilarious segment during Weekend Update called Really!??!

This is my attempt.

I went to the grocery store and spent $60....I also saved $60. That made me happier than anything else had all day. Really.

In the wake of the cheerful news of the hundreds of teacher layoffs imposed by Mesa, we were fortunate enough to receive letters that assured us that "It wasn't our fault." Really? Good thing they cleared that up for us. Here I was blaming myself for the legislatures lack of initiative and ethics. Really. Good thing they talked me off that ledge.

Some of the other movies shown at the Phoenix Film Festival were as follows:
Werewolf Trouble: Horrified to wake up on morning only partially transformed Ryan enlists the help of his friends to return to human form before an important poetry reading. Really? A werewolf and a poetry reading. Sounds like my kind of movie. Really.

Duke Baa: A 3D animation based on the story of a quirky, arrogant goat. Arrogant goat? Really?

While in Scottsdale we had the privilege of seeing true friendship in it's rarest form. A girl...a BMW....a dog...and the girls friend who is sitting in the back while the dog is safely seat-belted in front. Really?

A Chia pet in the shape of President Obama's head is being pulled from shelves for being too racist. Really? A racist chia pet?

Johnny Depp is making a guest voice appearance on Sponge Bob Square Pants. Really?

The lady in line at the grocery store was upset because her chocolate rabbit wrapped in festive gold foil cost 13 cents more than her friend had told her that it did. Really? She argued with the store clerk for about 5 minutes before finally relenting and deciding that little Billy would just have to go without his gold foil wrapped chocolate bunny for Easter this year. Really.

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Lindsay said... I've been sitting here trying to decide how exactly to favorite was the gold-foiled bunny...but the only word that describes it is.. really? :)