Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today for Earth Day my students wrote about ways they could help the Earth.
love my students and I love the way they write.
By Saul
I would grab Emily S. and Rosie! And tell them "Can you two help me pick up cans and put them in the recycle trash bin?" Next Vanessa came to help. Next we made a machine that picked up trash. Then we brought it to school. Then Mrs. Ebert said that we can be Students of the Month.

By Angela
Today is a special day. It's Earth Day always. It's fun to help the Earth. You should help the Earth instead of playing. That is great. I love the Earth.

By Vanessa
You need to sort things into recycle, compost and paper. You need to sort things on Earth Day, April 22nd. To keep Earth clean you need to sort. Who will help me clean the Earth. "Ok" I said. Ashley, Emily O., Emily S. and me will clean Earth.

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Ashley said...

that is so cute. I love how the words are spelled wrong.