Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

I have the best dad. Hands down. He is funny, kind, creative, adventurous, supportive, and hardworking. He has always been there to lend support and push us kids to be better.
I LOVE my dad!

Andy's dad is also a great dad! He has helped raise 5 great of which is the wonderful man that I am married to. He works very hard to make sure that his kids know that he loves him. We are thankful for all that he does.
My littler brother just became a dad. Already you can tell what a great dad he is.
That little boy is very lucky to have a dad like him.

Andy's brothers Paul and Craig and brother-in-law Chad are also great dad's to some of the cutest nieces and nephews around. They work hard to support their families and to teach their children what is right. They are good examples.
Even though Andy is not yet a father, I know that one day he is going to be an AMAZING one. He is the kindest person I know and I know that he will teach that to our children. I love him more than anything. Our children will be very lucky.

So, Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and future dads in my family!
Thank you for all you do.


paul and lacy ebert said...

That is sweet sara, I hope you and andy will get the oppertunity to have kids very soon! You will both be good parents!

Rulon and Toni said...

Thank you so much for the loving tribute to our dads. I too can't wait to watch you two grow in love with your children.

Rulon and Toni said...
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Rulon and Toni said...

Thank you Sara. I am not perfect, but i do try. I have some amazing children and In-laws.