Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project Attempt-a-craft

So I had a list of 6 projects I wanted to tackle this summer. Well in true Sara fashion I have done one off the list and added like 5 others that are completely random.
This past weekend we had a reunion of sorts with Andy's family and the family of their best friends. I decided to make the 4th of July cake that was on my list for this party. It's far from perfect. In fact, when compared to the original it's pretty rough to look at...but it still had the effect that I was going for and it was fun to do. In the slow, bumpy effort to finish decorating my house I bought some vinyl to add a little to the Americana theme that is apparently going on in the upstairs guest bath. Since I can't just do one thing, I also bought the Gordon B. Hinckley quotes and some tile from Home Depot to make the little plaques.
So...back to the list...1 down, 5 to go!


Kristin said...

I've seen the original of that cake, and I LOVE that you did stars too! It looks great!! And your sign is adorable. :)

paul and lacy ebert said...

those are so cute!, The cake was cool and yummy! Someday when we both have lots of time, I would love to have your crafty help making a door hanger for each holiday/season, It might sound stupid to you but if not, it would be fun!

Luann said...

I have a friend who has a plaque that says Happy Everything in vinyl letters with a space to put in different shapes to correspond with each month of the year. I've always wanted to make one because I think it's super cute and it doesn't require storing something in my attic!