Saturday, September 29, 2012


Probably the best thing about starting a new school year is getting a new group of kids, which brings a whole new view into the way kids think.  Sometimes for our writing time I will show them a picture of something and they can write whatever they want about the picture. 

Mondays picture:

Here is what they wrote:

The kangaroo is the laziest I've ever seen.

I think she is getting itchy from the grass.

Maybe he is in love with another kangaroo.

The other day we were in computer lab and the kids were playing a game where they measure the length of a big dinosaur with little dinosaurs.  I'm walking around, watching them put their answers and I noticed a kid that got one wrong.  Before I can say anything, he slaps his hand to his forehead and then makes a fist and says, "Curse you brachiosaurus....curse you."

Kids are awesome.

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paul and lacy ebert said...

made me laugh.... Hard!