Saturday, August 09, 2008


This was on during the opening ceremonies last night. Made me very happy!


Ashley said...

that is so great. I did not see that last night. Now I will be watching the olympics just to see the office commercials

Trisha & Robert Wright said...

Hey Sarah,
I think I'm your visiting teacher now! at least someone called and told me that a couple days ago. She wasn't sure if she had the new list or the old list. Well, that will be fun if I am !
Also, the story about you filling up tires was funny! My dad raised us like boys, and Robert comes from a family where the girls didn't do a dang thing outside of the home. We've had a lot of conversations on who should be able to do what.
When I was on the landscaping crew at the temple, some patron complained to my boss after seeing me drive the tractor. Girls are not allowed to drive tractors but my boss didn't know that unspoken rule. Seriously, this is the 21st century!