Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I love the rain!!

So I was sitting here working on my brothers wedding video and all of a sudden there is a huge clap of thunder and it started POURING rain! Andy was just outside like 5 minutes before that and there was nothing. I love when it rains! It is one of my absolute most favorite things in the world! We when were little the rain would collect down the hill from our house and we would go an play in it forever. About a year ago we had a huge rainstorm and Andy and I decided to be really cool and put on our emergency kit ponchos and go for a walk in this torrential downpour! Probably not a brilliant idea...and I know we looked stupid...but it was so fun! I tried to take a picture of the rain, but it didn't work and then the neighbor looked out his window at me since my flash kept going off. I did take a video, so you can hear it...but ignore my lame commentary!

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