Sunday, August 24, 2008


So since the ripe old age of 5 my mother decided that I needed to take piano lessons. Practicing the piano was the source of many battles in our house while I was growing up (sorry Mom). As I kept playing I felt deep down that I actually enjoyed it, even though being the ornery teenager that I was...I kept fighting it. I played in the high school choirs and at church all the time. When I moved out of the house I kept playing. It was always my calling in church...I even took private lessons...and slowly but surely I was able to uncover my love for playing the piano. Well about 2 months ago...for the first time since I can remember I got released from playing in the piano in Relief Society. First time in FOREVER since that has been my calling and I was really sad about it. I called my mom that night and she said, "SEE...aren't you glad I made you stay with it."
have really missed playing and even though I never had a piano of my own...getting to play once a week was nice for me. One day my mom called me up and said that a neighbor of theirs was moving to Idaho and was selling their piano. She asked if we'd want it. My mom and my old piano teacher went down and "test played" it and since I trust them whole-heartedly, when they said it was great...I said we'd take it. My parents stored it in their garage and when we went up last weekend we were finally able to bring it home. Right now it's sitting in Andy's parents entryway...since we don't have anyone we are close enough with to have to beg them to haul it up the stairs to our apartment and then back down in a month when we move. So for sits...covered with a blanket...but in 1 month from tomorrow I will finally have a piano of my very my own play.

Thanks Mom for making me stick to it!

It was quite the adventure getting the piano from my parents house in Flagstaff...down the a torrential downpour, but with some ingenious rope tying by my awesome dad and some very helpful neighbors and family in both Flagstaff and made a safe trip.

Andy and my dad tying tarps and plastic over the piano while it's raining.

What we got to drive home in. It was pleasant.

Unloading after a safe trip.

My beautiful "new" piano!!

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Ashley said...

I am so happy that you were able to get a piano. And especially A NEW HOUSE!!! I am really excited to see it. I am ready to help you paint, remove wallpaper or do whatever you need help with. You are brave for driving with a piano in the back of the truck while raining. I think I would be having a nervous breakdown if I were doing that for fear of the piano warping.